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I can't say I ever met Christopher Hitchens. I've seen a number of his recorded lectures and debates, and I've read some of his articles and one of his books - god is not great, it will be no surprise to learn. I am now reminded of the time I read that book. I bought it a couple of months after it had come out, and it was the only book I had with me in my bag when circumstances conspired to strand me alone all night on the platform of Thames Ditton railway station on a chilly November night in 2007. Christopher's engaging style and stock of interesting anecdotes, bon mots and allusions quite banished all need for sleep or warmth from me that night, as I ploughed through chapter after chapter by the light of the electronic announcement sign. By the time morning came I simply had to share the book with my colleagues and all the students I was teaching at the time. I never did get the thing back, but I don't mind - books like that one deserve to be shared round as widely as possible.

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