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I find it hard to believe that Fischer actually believes a word he's saying. Can it be? I know there are people that stupid and irrational, but whenever I hear a nut like this, I always think they're just cashing in on the stupid masses, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Is it so hard to understand that Hitchens did not defy god, as this person claims? To "defy" is to oppose, resist, or challenge. Hitchens opposed, resisted, and challenged the people who believe in god, but you cannot "defy" something you don't believe in. Am I defying Santa Claus when I say he's not real? This is the level of argument we're still at, and we're on the brink of 2012; we're still defining basic words for these imbeciles.

The only other thing this guy says is that Hitchens is in hell ... because god loves him. And his explanation is that god's love made him give Hitchens what he insisted on having. He claims Hitchens "hated" heaven. Again, we're operating at the intellectual level of a three-year-old. We have to point out that not believing in something has nothing to do with hating it.

I love how Fischer slips in that Hitchens is "standing before" god, yet still defiant (1:06). As if this is realistic; that Hitchens would see god, and still stick to his guns. No, it couldn't be that Hitchens (like most atheists) simply didn't find reasonable evidence for god during their lifetimes. No, he actually found evidence, believed in god, yet hated god. Even seeing and speaking to god doesn't change his mind--he still hates god and denies his existence. I think we just regressed to the level of a two-year-old.

This guy has a radio show?

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