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Comment 421 by suddha:

So here's a clear question: why do people try and convince others that god does not exist?

For one, there’s all the suffering.

Here’s one more: When you believe something is true merely because it’s comforting or easy, and not because it’s actually true, you train your mind to think like that, in other areas as well. It’s clear by now there’s no such thing as gods, but the religious can’t see that because to them that’s too scary to even contemplate. It’s the same thing with people refusing to accept global warming or other extinction-level approaching threats. It’s a cognitive dissonance due to fear. This sort of mindset must be fought if we are to survive the next few centuries. The problem isn’t so much that people believe in gods, it’s why they believe in gods, which is for no reason at all, in face of the evidence. Disregard for evidence must stop or we’re dead, so religion must go too. But that’s just a side-effect, really, of evidence-based thinking, which is the real goal.

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