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← Video: In SNL sketch, Jesus tells Tebow to ‘take it down a notch’

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Comment 5 by Metamag

You can see it here on youtube.

But don't look at the comment section.

So, of course I had to run and look at their comment section. I'm not suprised that christians don't think it's offensive to jesus, and it's not. Picking on Tebow for being a self-righteous ass who wants attention for himself is just too easy. (see Comment 9 by esuther, I couldn't have put it any better) I wish somebody had the balls to do a skit that tells both Tebow and Jesus to just fuck off. We don't need either of their egos shoved down our throats as a part of football.

Mon, 19 Dec 2011 19:06:49 UTC | #901049