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Metamag, Jealousy of what? The fact that you believe in a fairy tale and allow your life to be governed by that belief? You are a sheep. You have been told what to think and there you go.... a self fulfilling prophecy... You think you are thinking. Try this on on for size; One, just one piece of evidence for the existence of a god.

Just. one. piece. Offer it up here. Show all us "stupid, vacuous, and banal" atheists once and for all. You can do it, can't you?????? ONE PIECE. Certainly you have this evidence and can offer it up in a way that all the "stupid, vacuous, and banal" people here (many who I think are world class intellects) can understand it?

We want to believe. REALLY. I want to believe. Please? SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE and I'll convert on the spot. That's all i need one piece of evidence.

Tue, 20 Dec 2011 17:07:49 UTC | #901413