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                 > The intellectual crisis of atheism> There's an intellectual crisis of atheism?  I can't see one.  It might be rather annoying to those who insist atheism must be a refined and sophisticated point of view to see all these people just coming out and saying "I don't believe in gods" *with absolutely no academic citations or literary references*, but I'm afraid that is just what we have to put up with when ideas escape to the public domain.  Sad, but true.> Atheism will simply remain a movement of overheated malcontents lamenting their great civic misfortune.> Just like the gays in the 90s, with all their ranting about lack of rights.  And look what came of that!Honestly, what a silly piece.

Quite Steve. Or the blacks in their civil rights movements for another example. Or the anti-slavery protests maybe. Perhaps the 'Votes for Women' movement in the early 1900's be included?

Basically the removing of shackles, stigma and discrimnation come from when the target group are passionate enough to rattle the cages and driven enough not to give up or take no for an answer.

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