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On the other hand; a great article for demonstrating that we atheists continue to be as difficult to herd as cats. The article also exposes the reasons why:

"The intellectual crisis of atheism ... "

What on Earth is Berlinerblau talking about?! By what possible measure does one have to be an intellectual to see that not believing in the supernatural is a slam dunk?

Pop atheists have certainly made atheism a small idea.

Atheism isn't an idea - it's the rejection of an idea.

Berlinerblau then redeems himself somewhat by actually putting forward some sensible, practical, atheist political goals.

Why must the admission price to American atheism be total non-belief in God and hatred of all religion? Can’t the movement, at the very least, split the difference?

  1. Why would we take a stand, then decide we don't want to defend our position?

  2. Hatred: That's a very emotive word. I don't hate. I do despair, hunger and desire.

  3. Berlinerblau's obvious agenda here is: Compromise means you achieve something rather than nothing. I am not convinced we're in that much of a tight spot. Not yet.

Berlinerblau then goes off on a tangent - complaining about misreadings of statistics, but never explaining what those misreadings are ...

Finally he makes a (unsupported by his run-up) appeal for accommodationism.

He claims to be an atheist. Yeah, right.

Note to the Mods: Please can we not be exposed to any more pseudo-intellectualising.

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