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Ok. I'll take a risk a make a comment even though no one seems to like the content of this article.

Just a couple of things:

The only intellectual crisis atheism is facing is the complete lack of anyone, other than atheists, to have an intellectual conversation with.

Even though I am a Christian, I can understand the appeal of atheism. It explains this broken world without any apparent contradiction, and it appeals to my raw rational side. Atheism is an easy belief system to adhere to. Even so, I disagree with my atheist friends and acquaintances, but I try to never mock or belittle them (although I'm sure I've failed at this at times). I respect their thinking and find it logical in many ways. In my experience, I have not experienced the same respect in return. Richard Dawkins and members on this site habitually mock and ridicule my Christianity in general and my personal faith making a cordial discussion difficult (although there have been several members who have been more than kind). Extreme, fanatical "Christians" are always chosen for article topics and not the reasonable people I know who are out there doing a lot of good for this world. There are many good reasons that I have chosen Christianity over atheism, but my reasoning is immediately dismissed as infantile, morally corrupt, psychologically deficient and worse. It is difficult to carry on an intellectual conversation in the face of such rancor.

We want to believe. REALLY. I want to believe. Please? SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE and I'll convert on the spot. That's all i need one piece of evidence.

Miracles have happened in my life, events that cannot be explained away by coincidence, random chance or "firing neurons" in my brain. I would love to share these experiences with you, but you would dismiss them out of hand as unreliable personable experiences. Unfortunately, the evidences of my faith do not conform to the scientific method, something atheists insist must be the only standard by which we measure any event even though many events obviously fall outside of the boundaries of science such as the origin of the Big Bang, verifying the content of someone's dreams or providing undeniable proof that a person has a mind's eye.

So then atheists make statements such as

The fact that you believe in a fairy tale and allow your life to be governed by that belief? You are a sheep. You have been told what to think and there you go.... a self fulfilling prophecy

and we think, well whatever. Nothing I say will make a difference.

These are my thoughts on the topic for better or worse.

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