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No doubt, religious groups have used force as described, however, the purpose of a POLITICAL party is precisely to use force to get what it wants. So does democracy - it only takes 51% to vote to transfer property from the other 49%. They can vote to kill the others as well.

Now when religious groups (or any other group, e.g. corporations) use the government to do their dirty work, then that's simply the same thing.

Today, in the US, the current political parties (yes, both) are proposing to gut the bill of rights. The executive now will have, written in law, the ability to have any military person abduct or assassinate any US citizen for any reason, with no lawyer, trial, or due process of law. In fact, they are probably reading my comments and filing them for future use. My only safety remains in the herd and that they are simply too busy figuring out who to lock up to bother with me.

I fear Churches and Temples of worship far less than I fear my government (today). I didn't feel this way years ago, except when they tried to force me to kill people in Viet Nam.

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