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this is not a theoretical or metaphorical description of Islam, or (to a slightly lesser extent) Nazism, it is an accurate, literal account.

The truly scary thing is that so many just cannot grasp that. Islam is fundamentally militant and political. It is a political system masquerading as divine visions from Allah. It is the 6th century equivalent of North Korea's personality cult of the 'Great Leader'. Strip away the religious twaddle.....and most people would be apalled at the utterly undemocratic, repressive, illiberal, mysogenistic, fascist gobal domination bullshit that is the core of Islamic belief. But because it hides its wolf nature under a sheep skin of 'religion'.......and especially that godamned term 'religion of peace'...........silly people argue it should be 'treated with respect'. And numbskulls in our own government let this political force have their own schools for indoctrinating the young into it !

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