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Bit tedious solving quantum physics, but there's no charge. Consider this a free Christmas lecture. All but the dumbest can get it. All relevant criticism is redundant.

Now if you all did your homework, particularly if you had a small child watching with you, then you will have witnessed a performing seal's crassly circular blunders, followed by the applause of ants. Now you know what the LHC is worth.

Having dried/changed our underwear, we move on to further larks. We'll try not to mock anyone in a wheelchair for their infinitely regressing times - he should have been content with all the money he's saved on shoes - and we'll try not to mention the funniest line by a scientist in recent times, 'Many realms is as real as quarks'. Pteradactyls are real btw.

Nawrte, someone once said, don't be distracted by Hiroshima or something. Looks a bit like a test of fundamental reality from within it sort of thing. Could give one some confidence in one's secondary eqns, couldn't it? But fundamental?

Let's have a bit more fun.

The science is all going superduper, when all of a sudden the dials say 2 + 2 = 5. What naughty dials. But wait! We have discovered a fundamental constant! What is it? 1.25? Someone will check the sums, as I may have said. We'll call it the B. constant. Now unless we're very much retarded, this is telling us something very important about the nature of the universe. For if this constant were to vary by an infinitessimal amount....

Best larks ever.

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