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Original sin came from the same place all such stories do: from a political movement that wants power and from that wealth, and does so by controlling its origin story. It still happens to this day. How many kids in the US today actually believe the George Washington/cherry tree story (there is enough truth about Washington to make him a heroic figure, no need to lie)? How many actually believe the entire Continental Congress was in Philadelphia on July 4th (they filtered in and out all summer long because they were afraid of getting killed by the British). But you paint one famous painting and that is the image that stuck. I mean, what fool would stand up in a boat crossing an icy Delaware River?

So you create myths to make your movement great and powerful. Is there any myth better than why your species is here in the first place? Don't we all like to feel we are more powerful than we are? My dad can beat your dad! My planet is the center of everything! My beliefs in a mythical being is better than your beliefs.

It's essentially money and power. So in the great Watergate Tradition: Follow the money.

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