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Tell us about unicorns next, I want to hear about unicorns.

I've found a reason why celebrating the season is a bad idea if you don't actually celebrate the reason for the season. I was approached by one of Christ's salesmen, yesterday. As he approached me, I asked if he was pushing Christ and if so, I was not interested. His first question was "do you celebrated Christmas?" I said "no", of course, and he replied "that's too bad?" Too bad? How does he even know what I celebrate instead, if anything. It could be much better than Christmas but I doubt he is capable of even imagining anything better than Christ.

It dawned on me, after I walked away from him, had I said yes, I celebrate Christmas but don't believe, he would have turned it into an argument for Christianity. He would have rightly pointed out, that despite my not celebrating Christmas I still am acting as a Christian culturally. He would have an argument. And that's all he needs. The religious don't need evidence, they need arguments.

When you celebrate Christmas as a non practicing Christer, you give them an argument. "See... see, even the Atheist who hates god loves Christmas. That's how powerful god is, that's how powerful Jesus is, even haters love them. That is the power of God." You never see atheists at the wailing wall or on their way to Mecca but they love Christmas.

Jesus is that strong. All they need is an argument to keep their pathetic beliefs alive. Atheists who celebrate Christmas hand them a beauty.

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