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In fact, I believe most atheists do celebrate xmas, at least in the US because it is culturally to imbedded - and so much fun. Most exchange little gifts, get together with family or fiends for a nice meal, etc. So I think a better answer to the next proselytizer would be "Your Christmas is a perversion of an original pagan winter celebration. I celebrate the original one - without guilt."

One of the reasons the Christians are so emphatic about 'putting Christ back into Christmas' is that he keeps slipping out. Sure, there's tons of baby Jesus symbolism about, and lots of great church music, but it never seems to change people's behavior. Myself, I even love the commercialism because it is the stores that put up the big decorations in the streets. As a 'strident' atheist, I don't hang out much with believers, but ALL of my friends (who are spread along the spectrum of fallen believers, indifferent believers, never think about it probably not believers, agnostics and atheists) celebrate xmas and what a bland December it would be if we didn't.

Besides, I LOVE prezzies.

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