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if we last shared a common ancestor with the chimps about 5-6 million years ago, and humans have been gradually emerging through a series of hominid intermediates ever since, then why did Jesus die?

If you interpret the Bible symbolically or metaphysically, you can avoid all the problems that stem from reading the Bible literally. Jesus' death was the result of the backlash of the collective ego consciousness from authority who did not like that he was undermining their authority. OR Jesus' death represented how our own ego, limitations and old ways must die before we resurrect into a new life and higher Consciousness. and Adam and Eve really had nothing to do with being the first humans. It was about misogynistic views of women and pagan magic/knowledge practiced by those darned women who needed to get in line with male dominated authority. Having the devil symbolized by a snake was a blatant slam against the positive symbolism of snakes as rebirth, transformation, immortality, healing, and sexuality.

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