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Welcome, congratulations and thank you for joining us Farhan.

To me it's always an unexpected pleasure when I learn that someone's escaped any cult, especially when they've been so heavilly 'invested.' When I wear my badge, secure messages in my porch or add and other links to my email signature it's in the hope of informing the lonely, closetted atheist that (s)he is not alone. I challenge street preachers and cold callers in the hope of demonstrating that they can be exposed as peddling faulty goods. My goal isn't to convert those infected by religion.

So it's great to learn that you've made the full journey and that the void you've left (or exposed) by leaving that community will have a lasting effect too. Congratulations, Farhan.

I have no concept of spirituality though. Surely it's an "app" that's downloadable only to those with the godphone software. Some folk talk about the supernatural, the transcendental, the spiritual, mystic or karma and any number of assertions that lack any foundation capable of being validated.

As for slowing down and finding yourself, I can identify with what you're saying. My understanding is that gaining freedom from religion is comparable to grief because it's a process that changes so much of life's landscape, furniture and flavour. Just as I'm still 'finding my new identity' after my wife died last year, you'e faced with the prospect of remodelling your own existence, too.

I wish you every success, good health and happiness on your journey.

Sat, 24 Dec 2011 19:56:56 UTC | #902489