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If you want to feel a part of the Universe, Farhan, then consider this: All the atoms in your body are the result of a star detonating billions of years ago. You, yourself, are the result of complex interactions of physics and of chemistry; many billions of years of cosmic, many millions of years of biological, evolution.

When you look up into the night sky, you're seeing a picture of the Universe that has existed long before you, and will continue to exist long after--but every single element in your body has existed since the beginning of Time.

Thirteen point seven billion years. That's the age of the Universe. You, as an individual, have only been alive for a brief fraction of a fraction of that huge span of time. But everything about you has been here for a long, long, long time.

Study cosmology and appreciate how much grander, how much subtler, reality is than religion. All the myths, all the stories, all the fables and aphorisms that you can find in religion, are diminished and trumped by the truths you find by investigating the natural world. Study science. Not just psychology, but the natural sciences. You'll find that there's no end of interesting things if you combine wonder and skepticism.

Welcome home.

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