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Comment 11 by Wendy Farts On Her Bible I’ve never subscribed to any religion, but for anyone who has it must be a wonderful feeling for them to see through it and emerge from the mental tyranny it imposes (especially monotheistic religion).

I'm not sure it is such an all wonderful feeling. Having myself been an avid Christian, studying theology and preaching in a couple of churches, and well on my way to the ordained ministry, when I became an atheist it wasn't such a phenomenal experience.

To a large extent I battled with finding myself, and my role. It took me a while to unlearn words like purpose, destiny, and meaning applied in the sense of externally imposed by a Creator. But as time got on, I became happier. I found more meaning and truth, but simultaneously also became more lost.

My advice is, embrace being lost for a while. It is okay. It is a terribly wonderful feeling, or perhaps wonderfully terrible feeling.

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