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Steve Zara thanks for your comment

That's impossible. Even if reality was subjective, it doesn't make logic any less false, and it is logically impossible for a being to be simple, because complexity is independent of subjective opinion - it's a logical statement. A being has to be complex because of what a being has to do to be a being, such as to think, and have knowledge. Those are logically complex, no matter what labels you use for reality (natural, supernatural, objective, subjective).

This I would have to disagree with. The attributes of being you mention...thinking...knowledge etc are of course complex...but these are manifestations of being rather than the basis of being itself (the subject or I AM). Similarly...atoms, molecules and other increasingly complex material phenomenon are all based on a simple reality we are happy to call material and come about by evolutionary means (according to materialism). Or alternatively...complex subjective phenomenon (mind)...manifestations of a simple spiritual (forgive my use of this term) reality...come about by means of what might be compared to self discovery...(I AM THAT WHICH BECOMES ITSELF)

The crucial religious idea here is that life is pre-existent...even if all material sensation, memory and thoughts were to cease...the I AM would still exist to be reborn another 'day' to a religious mind being like waking from sleep....the state of deep sleep is as simple as it gets from a subjective point of is still 'being' though.

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