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Comment 14 by UGene :

I want to contradict the people above and say: feel nothing towards the greatness of the Universe. You must be as cold and emotionless as a machine if you want to get to the Truth. Why do I say this? Because Science is a process of letting go; of abandoning your most cherished theory and your life's work, of previously held convictions, in favor of something closer to reality - no matter how hurtful and plain evil that reality might be.

If you grow too attached and feel its wonder, you become incapable of detaching yourself from it emotionally.

I am almost as much against scientism and atheistic spiritualism as I am against Islam.

to me this just means being a computer. The fact that you're or you want to be a scientist and a rational thinker doesnt mean that you are no longer a human being. And being a human also means keeping alive the ability to wonder. Being a researcher means first and foremost being a curious man, and curiosity is probably the principal peculiarity of childrens, the second one is the ability to wonder, and from a certain point of view they could be considered just the same thing.

Keep the emotions of love for your family and people close to you, NOT for Science.

This is a contraddiction. First, it contraddict the following statements you're proposing, secondly it contraddicts the fact that if you've such rigorous view of the science, than you should realize that love doesnt really exist, is just the trick that your mind play to you to make you have childrens and grow them up, so if you're such a devoted scientist you should not fall in love or at least you should just to it to reproduce your genes, if you really think they are worth preserving.

You cannot even feel too attached to the feelings of other humans, because in this your mind can and will shut down if you ever find information that is highly hurtful, politically incorrect about people around you, like that in genetics about the heritability of intelligence, and differences between humans and whole human populations as a mere product of genetic and evolutionary luck.

basically you're suggesting to live the life of a monk. It's curious that we think that religion freaked up believers mind but in the other end we suggest to leave just like the true believers do, sacrificing all the aspect of your life to follow the ideal of truth ( that basically is what a real believer should do, obviously in the name of a theistic truth, not a scientific truth ).

The most productive feeling you can feel about the Universe and nature is HATE, not wonder. Because hate will drive to find out hateful things about it. And it will also drive you to show the Universe the middle finger, by using your scientific knowledge to fix its flaws.

Please dont be offended but in the end im just figuring you just like a mix of Darth Vader and Sheldon Cooper :D :D

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