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Alan4discussion. Thanks yet again for your reply...I feel this is still going round in circles...we are plainly poles apart here but you have kindly responded to my posts even though you must be getting quite frustrated with the apparent lack of progress. But I think perhaps we should just agree that we differ. Rather than respond point by point to your last post...I'll just present here a summary of our discussion as I percieve may or may not agree and please respond with your own version that I will respectfully read but might not necessarily respond to.

Your view is that..although I have provided an internally consistant model of a supposed reality, I have not connected it to anything in the real world and so this invalidates my claim that my position has equal validity with the materialist position.

My view is that...although you have made a superb defence of a rational reality, revealed by science and empirical evidence....this is not the same as a proof for materialism (that the self is essentially a mental phenomenon and mind is essentially a physical phenomenon...As opposed to sense experience as essentially a mental phenomenon and mental phenomenon as essentially a shadow of the self).

Your view is that I am invoking something 'magical' for which there is no evidence.

My view is that a spiritual view of reality invokes nothing that we are unfamiliar with already...and that it merely interprets what we actually know (the fact of perception) in terms of 'that which percieves (subject)' instead of 'that which is percieved (object)'.

Thanks again for your patience and detailed responses.

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