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Comment 1 by Schrodinger's Cat :

I cannot understand people who have the chance for genuine freedom...not taking it.

A combination of fear of change and the fact that when you're raised in prison, the outside world seems a mighty scary place, I suspect. Having to think for yourself, being responsible for your own actions, having to make decisions, etc. Terrifying if you're not used to it, apparently. It's not unknown for newly-released long-term convicts to immediately commit another crime in order to get back inside.

For that matter nostalgia for the old days in East Germany is commonplace enough that it warrants a dictionary term, "Ostalgie".

The most effective prison bars are virtual and installed in the minds of the very young. Usually it's too late to reach them after that when they're adults. There's a reason religions and authoritarian regimes like the ones in the story hate "Western Education".

It's especially hard to understand the women in the picture, since they've always gotten the rawest deal in Islamic societies.

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