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The most productive feeling you can feel about the Universe and nature is HATE, not wonder. Because hate will drive to find out hateful things about it. And it will also drive you to show the Universe the middle finger, by using your scientific knowledge to fix its flaws.

I suspect if you fixed all the flaws in the universe you'd find yourself right back with the universe we currently have, as the best solution. One of the first things you'd have to eliminate to have a magical world that 'cared' about humans would be causality. If we could violate the laws of physics every 5 minutes to perform miracles to fix this or that problem, we'd make utter nonsense of causality. And the trouble is, in a universe without fixed laws of causality that lead to evolution and natural selection......we would not be here in the first place to complain about causality !

Tue, 27 Dec 2011 06:51:30 UTC | #902918