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I had NO idea. Right, I'm not going there.

I worked there in a resort for a short time. The resorts are spectacular but Male is completely through the looking glass. Alcohol is banned but MORE THAN 40% of the male population aged 15 to 30 are addicted to a semi-refined heroin known there as "brown sugar", which is snorted. The thing I don't have stats on but had a lot of anecdotal evidence for is parental and sibling rape and sexual abuse of children. It seemed astonishingly high. A Thai I know had a tiny Buddha amulet confiscated at the airport on arrival and was detained for four hours. It is illegal to bring in any sort of non-Muslim religious items. This happened to her despite having a visa and work permit and the security guys were making dark hints about her future when a phone call to the right person got her out..

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