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I am always amazed how everyone seems to know what christianity - or every other religion, for that matter - is really supposed to mean.

And somehow that's usually what the person in question is already convinced of. I have yet to find anyone skimming through the bible and saying "What? God wants me to do that?! Crap, I loath the very thought, but you can't argue with the almighty, can you?"

When something less than "beautiful" is done in the name of a religion, the "faithful" always got something "wrong". They were misled, they were mere pretenders or they mistook their own prejudices for god's will. You won't hear anyone say "They were genuine and pious believers. It just happened that their religion sucks."

Unless someone like Alibhai-Brown can offer actual and tangible proof that her interpretation of her religion is truly gods will - good luck with that - everyone else has as much right to call his religion the true one as she does. Even a "loathsome, theocratic state" like Saudi-Arabia ( and I happen to agree with that statement ) can claim to follow the correct interpretation of gods will. It's not like anyone of themhas any kind of proof there. Their claims are all empty, the "nice" and "beautiful" ones as much as the "tarnished" or "loathsome" ones.

And that is why, in a secular state, we don't let religions decide what is right or wrong, what is good or evil. Not because we can't trust the faithful - we can't trust their faith to begin with.

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