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Thankyou Steve Zara for your last response....I will close my argument on this particular thread with a final reply to a point you made.

If you will excuse a poor analogy, the theology lizard can't escape from the predator that is the complexity argument by dropping the tail of the mind and running away.

Actually I enjoyed this analogy.

The complexity predator is dealt with by invoking gradualism. You will agree with this I trust? We begin with a simple point of origin, let's say..and end with a complex destination via a gradual journey of increasing complexity.

From a materialist point of view, we start with a simple material state...and via a gradual process (natural selection of survivability) there is the accumulation of complex properties.

From the spiritualist point of view, we start with a simple spiritual state...(remember I define spiritual as reality in subjective terms so a simple spiritual state would be let's say 'being prior to mind' so rather like the subjective state prior to mental development or a subjective state of practical non awareness in deep-sleep)...and via a gradual process (self realization of 'I AM' by means of 'mental' symbolic representation) we accumulate complex perceptions of being.

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