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Congratulations to Farhan for rejecting the yoke of religion

From the OP:

Perhaps I never really could embrace within the depths of me the notion that people would be tormented and tortured in Hell for eternity. Based on the problem of Hell, and additionally, based on the problem of suffering and evil I could no longer believe in theology.....

Certainly Christianity suffers from this problem also. IMO, the problem of "evil" is the strongest weapon against the so-called all powerful and all loving God. What the hell is this God doing whilst parts of humanity fight wars, hate each other, and allow some 30,000 odd childrern to die every day of poverty related issues. What does this all powerful God do about earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and other natural disasters? Absolutely nothing! It's almost as if He 1) is powerless to prevent such things, or 2) doesn't care, or most likely, 3) exists only in peoples' imaginations. Personally, I go with 3).

Like Farhan, I can't work out why a loving God would want to torture millions like me, just for being a non-believer. Clearly a human made threat, to pack them into the churches, mosques, synagogues. A threat with no basis in reality!

Farhan, enjoy your escape from the Islamic prison system!

Tue, 27 Dec 2011 15:21:09 UTC | #902996