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You know it seems like the Author really missed the thesis of the book in his review: The title even states "How we know what is True." The assertion within the Magic of Reality is that, "Science can tell us what is true, here is how." By simply stating factual evidence this reviewer seems to interpret bias against religion, because equal time and care is not given to religious or magic explanations for physical events.

This seems to lead Larry Taunton to the conclusion that the book is a scientific bible, created specifically for indoctrinating children. I am confused how citing scientific fact, and empirical evidence is indoctrination. As I understand it, these are the literal opposite of dogmatic indoctrination of youth.

    "This is not because the book is void of factual or even interesting information; it is, rather, due to the         context in which Dawkins arranges the facts, slanting the table in a manner that is oddly reminiscent of     those he accuses of indoctrinating the young."

This carries over to the fallacious argument that atheism is a religion, and that we (particularly us on this website) are converts spreading the Gospel of Dawkins. Overall the review seemed a plaintive appeal to respect the somehow equally valid religious explanations alongside the scientific versions. Trying to compare Atheism to a religious movement is just a symptom of this overarching failure in thinking.


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