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Does anyone remember the ads for the 'Topic' chocolate bar that said 'A hazelnut in every bite'? OK now we have 'Larry Taunton, a factual error on every line'. It would be laughably easy to rip this article apart line by line, but I can't be bothered, he is just another flea. OK just the first factual fuck up just to show how easy it is.

"Since the publication of his 2006 best-seller, The God Delusion, Dawkins has been railing against religion and its many manifestations."

Since some religiously motivated idiots started flying planes into buildings I think you will find. You were only out by five years I will grant you but missing the significance of those five years would require either unforgivable ignorance or willful blindness. Atheists all over the western world have always been inclined to live and let live and have been prepared to put up with religious people discriminating against them and interfering in their lives just for a quiet life. The 9-11 incident is what changed that, we atheists decided that we are not going to put up with religious people committing mass murder on behalf of imaginary gods any longer.

Is it really a mistake to say that all religions are the same? All of them believe in a pile of made up crap that isn't true. All of them have members who are prepared to murder people who point out this simple fact to them rather than face the truth. All of them have apologists like Larry Taunton who think that killing people who disagrree with you isn't that bad.

Sugesting that the Amish are totally benign also shows your ignorance. I suppose that driving a horse drawn buggy into the World Trade Centre might have appeared to be more benign, who knows?

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