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Larry Taunton is a close associate of John Lennox

Who obviously looks at the wonders of science and scientific literature, through crap-coloured spectacles.

But ignoring things is necessary if the thesis of the book — indeed, if the thesis of Dawkins's life— is to stand.

But for the odd quotes one could easily conclude that this idiot had not read the "Magic of Reality" or (bearing in mind it is for educating children), was too thick to understand it - unless he is simply being dishonest.

This leads him to profoundly mischaracterize the religious views he presents.

Having read the book, it is my view that detailed explanations of the various mythical beliefs and associated scientific views, were clear and accurately portrayed. That must bring us to the mental shambles Taunton uses as "thinking", in presenting such comments!

Dawkins .. .. .. .. .. . Or does he really just not know these apparently trivial bits of history?

I love the ironic comedy, when the village idiot accuses informed people of ignorance.

Of course, it was Dawkins who labeled as child abusers those parents and teachers who instruct their charges in a given view of life. And yet The Magic of Reality does precisely that. According to Dawkins, it is meant to be read by children or, better yet, by parents to their children. It is a sort of anti-religious catechism.

He really does need an utterly perverted view of "reality" and "science" to dribble out this sort of clap-trap! It is a well written and beautifully illustrated science text-book or reference book!

Larry Taunton is founder and executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation and the author of The Grace Effect: How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief.

That perhaps, explains the delusions of corruption emanating from his compost heap of thought processes.

In the final analysis, The Magic of Reality lacks, well, the magic that a children's book must possess.

How can you tell this posturing clown has no idea about evaluating ANY children's book?

On the contrary, Dawkins would rob children of the true magic of life: meaning.

..Or more precisely: would (fortunately) "rob" children of the "meaning" in Taunton's "true" delusional stupidity, by providing a proper and inspiring understanding of science!

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