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"Never mind, kiddies, that it was the Judeo-Christian tradition (not Cinderella) that gave rise to the very science Dawkins occasionally practices and the civilization from which he draws most of his moral and intellectual sensibilities."

Now if I remember from university correctly the origins of much of our intellectual tradition for example the application of empirical evidence to test a hypothesis were pre-Christian Greeks? I think I would also describe the judeo- Christian view of science as rather close minded - as an example think of those enlightened intellectuals giants who put Gallileo on trial.

As for morals well I could write a book on that point but lets just cover the main highlights - crusades against muslims or pagans, sale of indulgances to guarantee a place in heavan, heresey and witchcraft trials galore and of course a punishment book containing such treats as burning at the stake and hanging etc etc. So, I think it's safe to say that if RD draws moral and intellectual sensibilities from civilisation their probably not the ones influenced by the Judeo-Christian tradition!

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