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Congratulations my friend, for this act of courage and self-discover.

Now, what I want to say to you, to help you find a new "spirituality", is this:

First of all, look at the stars. Try to imagine how big they are. And how even more big is the distance they are. Even our own Sun is so distance that we can imagine the correct picture. Don´t worry, our limited intellect was not made to imagine the universe. We can only imagine things that are important to our survival; even a mountain is a real challenge to our brain.

But just know that we are incredibile small compared to the universe. So small that we can´t even say that we exist in it.

Now, one thing that always amazed me is that the universe is not aware of its own greatness.

We are.

If (and when) the universe disappear, it will not notice. The universe won´t cry or feel sad for it. It will return to nothingness in the same way it came from the void - completely unconscious.

But... we will. We and any other of our (probable) cosmical brothers that share our one gift, that makes our existance unique.

Our consciousness.

We, human beings, and other beings with that same gift throughout the universe, if any exists, are the small cosmical dusts that gives one tiny sense for the existence. In my opnion, all religions focus to much on the after life. I think that is because we fear the end of life, the return to the cosmical dust from where we came. But I think they focus on the wrong aspect of life.

The most important aspect of life is LIFE. Because it is so beautiful, so... divine. Much more than any God

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