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In Australia there is the Australian Vaccine Network run by an imported American Meryl Dorey.

There has been a hue and cry from medical authorities about it. I have blogged, everyone has blogged. A baby died because it was too young to be vaccinated and caught whooping cough from an un-vaccinated section of the community that believes Dorey et al.

There is another organisation called Stop the Australian Vaccine Network with some dedicated members who have a web site and an fb page.

AVN has had its charity status removed and its web site is constantly monitored for mis-information that Dorey writes.

One of the problems with an irresponsible and misguided section of communities is their irresponsibility puts communities at risk.

When you think of all the effort that has gone into ridding the world of childhood diseases and TB, small pox etc, it really is enough to make you want to hang these people out to dry.

It requires vigilance, a knowledge of the law and money. Combatting poster drives is expensive. Gorski and Goldacre and others haven't got the resources by themselves. Remember Wakefield? He fooled The Lancet and it took years to get him struck off the medical practitioner's register in the UK.

And the crap that he peddled still has currency among the lunatic fringe and the ramifications spread into the wider communities.

It is part of the anti-science push, the woo woo drips, the universe-will-look after-me mentality. One has to wonder at the shallowness of the gene pool.

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