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This is a good way to start 2012.

I SO agree with his central tenet that this is primarily an issue about morality. I gave up the technically correct label agnostic for the (now) more political one of Atheist precisely because I felt it a moral stance. Morality is about choices...always. It is about the better path which requires a continual process of finding out about harms we, perhaps, haven't even dreamt of before and weighing them in the balance. Dogma and most perniciously religious dogma, denies the need for such consideration and reconsideration. Faith in the matter of morality is anti-human. It is reducing us to prescribed (and proscribed) objects.

This is all so good and so necessary it pains me to opt out of proposal 4. I so disagree with the morality of some fellow atheists that I cannot but publicly take them to task over what they have said. It would be a catastrophe if our central tenet to this political push should be seen to fail over the issue of contested morality. The point is no-one has the answers, but vigorous and open handed rather than managed debate can get us to a better position. This should be our point.

I'm afraid many atheists are as besotted with political or economic dogma which may have moral repercussions as any religious person is about their faith.

That aside (rolls up sleeves)...Lets do it!

Fri, 30 Dec 2011 19:30:46 UTC | #903855