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Here's how theology "works":

Theologian: "There's a god."
Scientist: "How do you know?"
T: "Well, where did A come from?"
S: "B."
T: "Well, where did B come from?
Some time later ...
T: "Well, where did Z come from?"
S: "We have a number of ideas about ..."
T: "Na-na-na-na-na!"

Example (in brief):
T: "How else do you explain things that happen and exist?"
S: "In terms of natural laws."
T: "Well, where do the laws come from?" (Modern theologians think themselves especially clever if they say that. We'd answer their question if we thought they'd have the faintest understanding of Noether's theorem.)

Summary of all variations:
T: "Well, if I'm wrong, where does my being wrong come from?"

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