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← Afterword from Lawrence Krauss' New Book - A Universe From Nothing

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A beautiful afterword and a wonderful lecture, which I've watched several times, both for the science and the comedy. Thanks Dr Krauss, I'm certainly a fan and waiting eagerly for the book.

Two questions puzzle me though, and I hope the book will shed some light on them. Or perhaps someone here can help me with the first one: How come does one degree represent 100 000 light years on the last scattering surface? Even though having once been a European high school student, I couldn't figure it out based on any trigonometry.

Another puzzle is less science and more like useless philosophy: A trillion years from now the hypothetical cosmologists do all their science right, but still come up with the wrong picture of the universe because all the evidence has red-shifted away. Then again, how do we know that there isn't some key evidence about the universe that's missing from our view today, already redshifted away or otherwise blinding us from correct observations and conclusions? Not that it's God or Godzilla lurking somewhere unseen, but still, it seems very uncopernican to say we live in a special time.

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