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I cannot make it any simpler for you. You may be many things, things that the average non-believer here would admire and encourage, but the swathes of so called moderate theists, through their belief in batshitcrazyness tacitly support stronger forms of batshitcrazyness upto and including the most extreme forms of batshitcrazyness.

And this is what you don't get. Just because I endorse the idea of a supernatural creator, does not mean I automatically support whoever decides to use that same idea as an excuse to support whatever actions. Does that make any sense? I can evaluate the individual actions themselves and decide if they're correct or not. This is what I actually do. For example, if I believe in God, do I silently support someone that believes we ought to kill the unbelievers in the name of God? Certainly not so. Just because I believe God exists, doesn't mean I believe he tells us to kill others! I may very well believe the exact opposite! Your assertions about the equivalence of us two(me and the fundamentalist) are abstract fluff that have nothing to do with the real world, but more with the business of polarizing "debates" and pointing fingers. I guess in your world, you only need to ask people one question: "Do you believe there is a god"? and from then on you know all that is important to know about them, and their interactions with society.

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