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"On this point, the encounter with Africa's joyful passion for faith brought great encouragement. None of the faith fatigue that is so prevalent here, none of the oft-encountered sense of having had enough of Christianity, was detectable there. Amid all the problems, sufferings and trials that Africa clearly experiences, one could still sense the people's joy in being Christian, buoyed up by inner happiness at knowing Christ and belonging to his church."

If faith fatigue means not passing legislation making homosexuality punishable by death, count me tired.

If faith fatigue means not forgoing use of condoms because if I use one I will surely burn in hell, count me tired.

If faith fatigue means not INJECTING BATTERY ACID INTO MY SON'S STOMACH BECAUSE I THINK HE IS A WITCH, then, damn you Ratzinger, count me tired! Sick and bloody tired!

I am sure this pope is quite jealous of the absolutism that his mullah counterparts get in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. But I am also sure he would never trade places with them because there is much more money, gold and swishy costumes in Catholicism .

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