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Because all that happy superstitious idiocy in Africa has made the place a veritable bastion of financial prudence, social stability, burgeoning fellowship, intellectual flowering and economic success. Never mind all the wars, the famines, the crippling poverty, the endemic corruption, the unrestrained damage caused by unchecked capitalist acquisitiveness, the lack of education and the widespread miseries of tribal animosity, inter-faith conflict and rampant misogyny and homophobia. Never mind the millions dying from AIDS thanks to catholic misinformation about condoms or the billions in poverty thanks to its dangerous misogynistic message about family sizes and contraception. Never mind the millions of pounds of aid money wasted on missionary work and the building of churches rather than on charitable work and the building of hospitals and schools. Clearly the place is a model for all of us in Europe to follow.

As opposed to, say, Scandinavia, Canada and Japan, which have not been nearly so badly affected by the economic crisis as the rest of Europe and the US and still have the highest standards of living in the world.

And then there was some poorly thought out cobblers about perception and will that suggests to me that somebody bought Ratty a new copy of Augustine for christmas. And the rest was hypocritical dreck of the kind we have come to expect from the head of the world's largest and best funded paedophile ring and hate group.

If you really wanted to help solve the financial crisis, Ratty, you'd sell off all that art and gold and treasure, all those palaces and cathedrals and rare books, stop trying to cream off 10% of your dupes' earnings and give it all to worthy causes. That would help. Mumbling on about how happy the faith addicts of Africa are amid their miserable and short lives is no kind of solution at all.

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