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I read the cited section of the article prior to realising who wrote this, almost dismissing it as written by some delusional young indoctrinated theist reporter whose grasp on further education amounted to speculations about emotional attachments to mythology (with a degree in theology perhaps) and how part of the world is losing its grasp on this dubious quality due lacking more rigor in its interest in pseudo science as compared to the real thing.

Then I spotted it is allegedly written by the Pope. Does this man actually believe he has some special access to the supernatural? Really? How deluded must a person be to think that could possibly be the case? I have to remind myself that he is immersed in the sorts of rituals that confirm such bias, before I also remind myself he has similar access to learning that can remind him of how many millions have been born, lived and died absent any knowledge or experience of this special 'god' he so confidently supposes treats all people equal and somehow is powerful enough to have ensured that be the case, when clearly to any sane person it is NOT. Ergo, the 'god' he imagines is only fulfilling his minds wild speculations (he then forms into wild assertions) and NOT those of the human race per se - ON WHICH BASIS SCIENCE & REASON CONFIRMS MUST BE PURELY IMAGINARY - as in fact he is entitled to consider in respect of himself, but most certainly not to arrogantly proclaim this a TRUTH in respects of MANKIND PER SE.

I find it conspicuous that such an individual either has not developed some capacity for scientific logic, or else deliberately flouts it in preference to what power grants his subjective existence, in spite of its lies cast as truths to then pedal to the naive as if respectable.

I fail to see how he misses the inherent good that is in each person and insists it be based, instead, upon faith in a pack of lies claimed as scientific truth. Surely this breach of trust is too great to survive our contempt for deception? Surely religion, repeatedly drowning the vulnerable in its mythological relics of emotional enslavement, is long overdue a proclamation of emancipation and NOT one asking for more of the same?

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