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I was just about to make the same point Bonzai, but you beat me to it. To be fair though, he is not stating his own position at that point. I understand him to be saying that this transcendent self-sufficient, eternally existing reality whom Christians (probably including himself) believe to be the God of the Bible is called by many other names in other faiths and belief systems. I don't think he is saying that it doesn't matter what or who you call him her or it. For the atheist the eternally existing reality whose coming into existence requires no explanation is matter+energy, or the universe.

I really think this guy might be onto something. But I think it might be as much of a a mistake for Christians to uncritically embrace evolution as a scientific paradigm as it is to embrace Intelligent Design or Big Bang consmology. Who knows how much mileage there is in these paradigms? The bottom line is that nothing has yet emerged that rules out the existence of a Creator God who somehow breathed or spoke the whole shabang into existence.

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