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Comment 4 by peter mayhew :

Interesting comments, thanks for posting them.

“Pupils describe the high profile of prayer in school as “time to talk to God and say thank you or sorry””. They have clearly found their invisible friend.

The high profile of prayer in school - church, yes, school, no.

“They make good use of opportunities to use the prayer corners in each classroom for personal reflection”. What will they do when God does not answer their prayers? Is this good for kids?

Personal reflection - yoga mats, quiet-time, and the naughty-step, work just as well.

“The personal faith of the headteacher ensures that “the love of Jesus is central to the life of this school because God wants us to be the best we can””. Could I become headteacher of this school? I think not.

God wants us to be the best we can - but teachers and parents want children to fail? Such sycophantic platitudes are utter nonsense and do not help with the complex issue of children's education.

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 12:44:21 UTC | #905496