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The only redeeming feature I can see here is that, unless I am mistaken, the beneficiary is the Church of England. Faith schools of any kind are bad news, but Anglican ones are the lesser of evils. I'd like to see the end of all government support for faith schools. But if a genie offered me an Anglican monopoly as the only way to abolish all Islamic and Roman Catholic Schools I'd take it.

I am not sure this is helpful or correct.

For a start, catholic- and islamic-parasitised schooling in this country is probably going to be entirely unaffected by the takeover by the church of England of state schools. It's not catholic and muslim and jewish schools that the anglicans have their eye on, and the tories seem entirely keen on continuing to support those. We were never going to get an anglican monopoly, and the anglicans were never going to squeeze out the other faith groups - all this does is to reduce the number of normal, secular, non-parasitised schools, and thereby promote the idea that religion in education is a normal and a good thing.

Also, it seems quite a rhetorical error to keep painting the church of England as the safe, woolly, de-clawed alternative to catholicism and islam. While in absolute terms it may well be that, the concession makes it seem somehow harmless. This is a church that still opposes gay marriage, and the cover of being the nice, woolly, respectable ones lets it get away with far less scrutiny and criticism than the more brazen cults get.

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