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It strikes me there is a mass media hype culture emerging which utilises fictional attributes (traditional features) to buy shares in peoples emotional support thence its own power infrastructures, which derails alternatives no matter how sincere, equitable and rational. It's functioning like the markets, in some cartel between the powers, that most stand to suffer from any alteration toward an openly freethinking society merging with ones that can most readily profit from an authoritarian collusion. Ergo, who will suffer from atheism per se merging with who can gain from retaining authority. Essentially we have the bankers syndrome being played out all over again, but mutated to displace blame to invisible forces and concealed as if beneficial in some pseudo emotional and educational manner.

What we essentially have are powers bending powers to retain and enhance power. There is no other motive, or altruism or common good except that which supports such a motion.

We ought not be too surprised by this. Peoples minds, communities and whole populations are just pawns in a bigger game being played out by people on the back row.

The battles that go on at the base of societies pyramid are another world to the corridors of power and one they have no interest in except when it is of interest to their progress.

It seems STUPID that humans cannot sit down and flog out intelligent solutions in intelligent ways for and intelligent future. Obviously they see the common good as already hooked up to the opium of delusion to an extent that makes it easier on power to keep on feeding the woo.

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 14:36:03 UTC | #905517