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You just cannot trust the religious...they have this demented and drooling need to infect everyone they possibly can with a demented fairy story treated as fact by grown ups with no integrity or brains!

This is no doubt one of the main drives to reverse their fortunes with regards to falling interest in their nonsense. They desperately need young minds to infect...that is their holy innocent mind twisted by threats of hell and confused by redemption and stunted in curiosity and cognitive analysis to ask no difficult'Prove your claims with evidence!'

They are sniffing after the next generation of deluded followers...for them the stakes are of the highest priority and no doubt they do not entertain thoughts of failure because to fail is to is that serious for them. They need a lifeline..this is it!

The creationists will also be sniffing the changing wind direction that is for sure...they will sneak in under cover of Anglican robes and ambition...and the Anglicans will happily allow them to. After all they drool at jeebus as well...and truth is not so important as faith apparently. The next move will be the curriculum being tweaked to reflect their ethos more fully. That means cretinism will end up in the science lab without a shadow of a doubt...despite what the liars for jeebus is going to can it not?

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