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I'd personally say that in order for any school to be allowed to convert to a faith school that a single condition should be met:

Prove beyond all possible doubt that the god(s) your religion worships exist.

Until then, you remain a non-faith school.

Yes, I can agree. I practiced this as a child. Put up evidence or shut up. The second they would argue in a non rational manor void of evidence, I would repeat—"put up or shut up".


"put up or shut up".

Show respect...

"put up or shut up".

You need faith...

"put up or shut up".

Prove there isn't a god

"What's god?"

I'm your teacher...

"put up or shut up".

You'll get in trouble...

"put up or shut up".


"put up or shut up".


"put up or shut up".

Go back to your seat...

"I thought so..."

If you want faith schools to fail, get the kids active in taking a shit on their head. When a relatively uneducated child mocks an adult for being more childish than them, it has an affect.

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