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Manifold theories from the same data = suspect data. Do say you've noticed wmap is inside. Do say you've noticed, after new particles pretended, Cox's lines meet at a non-objective datum. It's not his responsibility, it's diffused over many copies. I recommend he glimpse something even more fundamental, to find later.

Lacking an external calibrant, empiricism will distill to min. 2 theories, both incorrect. Empiricism will say both are correct. That's because they must be derived by empiricism, since it is the only way.

Note we're not bothering with pre-empiricism concerns, which needn't concern us.

I'm astonished at how stupid you all are. That's because astonishment is a delusion, well understood, invalid but functioning. It looks like some replication has been going on. 7 billion copies of 1 imbecile. If you look at a necker cube, you have 2 answers, both wrong. You can't have both right can you? All we're having for our foundational epistemology is logic true. By all means prove it wrong and get back to me. By all means wait until wmap is outside. By all means wait, not long now we're told, for Mr.D and his collaborator's spectacular qcalcs. Maybe you prefer to resign empiricism here anyway, and project to 'elsewhence'. Let's hope the Dr.Fermiwho aliens from the previous future elsewhere are not going to spoil things.

The LHC is sufficiently advanced as to be indistinguishable from tragic. Built and operated within spacetime, designed to give wrong answers, don't then bleat to the world that you don't know what's going on. Don't say 'that's funny, it worked for Hiroshima'. It's a maths practical, smashing equations together, and drawing pictures.

Now if you want to say you can't prove logic true either, since that might be circular, we were having it anyway to pretendulate the universality of physics within a spacetime.

I object to arbitrarily intermittent logic. Are you having it true or not? Can you make up your minds, or are they making up you? The Self delusion wins again. Are you after a Templeton? This desperate creationism rather unifies the trajesteria doesn't it? And we see, like the true book-believing creationists they are, on the subject of the most prestigious experiment in the history of humanity, on the world's most prestigious science website we are told, who has run away to talk about fairies.

What sort of a physicist is Cox anyway? He should be autistic and lack charisma. He can't even forget to dress, or make hilarious guesses at Biology.

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