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One of my weirdest recollections of school was the insincerity of friends to any singularly 'comrade' mindset. You'll have to take my word for this but I mention it to illustrate a point very significant to my formative psychologies about people in general - which ended as a very confused stance - a place of zero support or trust or meaningful interaction. I perplexed over this repeatedly. I even had a close friend in my early teens distance themselves from me due colluding others playing games for no reason other than the 'humorous spite' of control. I always had others to chat to, but never anyone for developmental conversation. I suspect many must have experienced the same feature. I also knew of a muslim individual whom I treated as equitably as anyone, as is my innate thinking position, but whom seemed far more 'streetwise' than I about the competitive features surrounding us both in this 'free-mason' culture, or clique to an extent that I was further 'isolated', both by him and others, when, what I can only describe as influential others were deemed more lucrative associates with whom to impress and advance so to speak.

I regularly perplexed what it is about life that weaves people in and out of each other without any meaningful context except the will to get on to somewhere better or get somewhere deemed a more successful place, currently detached from anyone one is in contact with. It always struck me how impersonal we all are in this regard and how truth is or seemed lacking in 100% of everyone I ever came across. This infection was rife in my own family and amongst all I knew. I fell from one situation to another consumed by this dissonance. There was never any talk about this total entropy of correspondence bias. There just never was. It's why I'm drawn toward rationality, humanism and freethought. I'm not sure how much of what I seek is there, but it seems to me there somehow must be far more of it than in an entropy consuming itself with various loyalties to various fictions, all of which cannot and must not, by cosmic demand, be analysed rationally and emotionally, but which simultaneously feed a common and detached agenda to get somewhere other than where you all are, amidst a high degree of shared 'standoffish' ignorance whilst claiming there to be some common avenues of intense but detached semi-meaningless learning.

This is the world I grew up in. I'm not sure it has changed its main focus. I actually now believe correspondence bias its 'moral tool' so to speak. A tool utilised to simply bully its way through large populations, whatever agenda it prefers whilst excusing itself such a criminal enterprise by deference to the everlasting question mark. Cheating to win seems something that goes against everything I feel yet must acknowledge just how respected it is in a world won over by winning. It's not a world I understand. Maybe more accurately not one I want to!

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