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Closer to both wrong contradictory. Intermittent logic algorithms.

Now look at the doe-eyed Bambi's impressive equation. You are told it's impressive by his neotenous giggles. He's using more than words. You do know what language is, don't you? And you do know words and maths are synonymous. Now he could transcribe it into words, couldn't he, but then he wouldn't get away with it. Yet it would be far longer and appear more elaborate.

Now why does he want to get to one coherent sentence? This delusional obsession appears ubiquitous.

The LHC is as welcome a present as Anne Frank's drumkit. Now mate me. I have insulted you and you must demand satisfaction.

It shouldn't take you long because you can just cut and paste from the global grandmaster community. It will only be difficult if they all disagree with each other as if it were all horseshit. You'll have to play out of book then won't you? And you're not playing Deep Blue.

If you find gongs and capes impressive, look who fell for magic mouse. If you find technical ability at arithmetic impressive, remember you can do faster harder sums walking, without trying. Perhaps fall back on 50,000,000 fans can't be wrong. But seeing the embarrassing clutter on the thread I think run away is indeed the best option remaining.

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