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This reminds me of a thread that appeared on the web forum of Wee Fleas church a few years ago. One of the posters (a christian, or at least a "church goer") had posted soemthing about "theistic evolution", the idea that "God" used evolution to bring about the present day species diversity over a long period of time

In other words, evolution, old earth, no YEC, no 6 day creation etc etc. Or if you like a way to fit religion and science into the same bed

However, one of the other posters, who was obviously a lot more conservative, pointed out that theistic evolution drives a coach and horses (his words) right through Christian theology, in particular the idea of Fall - Sin - Redemption. If there is no "Adam" then there was no "Fall". No "FAll" no "SIn" no "Sin" no need for a "Saviour"

And presumably no Hell, no eternal suffering etc

The second poster was actually correct to point this out IMO

If Christians REALLY believe what there holy book tells them, there is no way that theistic evolution can be shoe-horned in. It simplly does not work

Once mionisters start talking about theo-evo, they are well down the road to atheism. It is an inevitable end point

And finally, this very point was picked up on by the Victorian preacher Spurgeon, reckoned to be the greatest evangelical preacher of his day. Spurgeon reckoned that "there was no stopping off point between Calvinism and atheism" Once a church starts to become liberal and starts to move from a fundy position, this process becomes irresistable

This is exactly what we are seeing, and may in part explain the degree to which evangies have become so vociferous and conservative.

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